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Forgiveness Board DryErase

In stock
Product Details

Have you ever seen anything like this?

I've heard of drive through prayer and drive by blessing but have you ever heard of dry erase forgiveness?

No need to wait till you see the person at dinner. Write on the board what you realized you did wrong and ask forgiveness right there on your way out the door.

Then let them respond when they get home.

And together wipe it clean.

Genius marriage tip! But wow what the kids will be learning too.

PS... you might want to use code words so little ones just learning to read don't see something too soon (wink wink)

100% of proceeds given to nonprofits!

Plastic frame

Dry Erase surface

Dry Erase pen included

Genius product!

Save this product for later

100% of proceeds go to Let's Talk Kingdom

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