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About Let's Talk Kingdom Radio

How it started

Let's TALK Kingdom radio started in a

FB group when God led me to do a

week long of live videos on Kingdom topics. It was fun because I pretended each video was a radio show... and the group really loved how it all worked.

A friend mentioned to pitch the idea to

a local radio station.


They responded. I freaked out.

One week from doing the pretend radio shows, I was signing a contract for a real radio show called

Let's TALK Kingdom! 


Meet the Host

700X300 design by Alivia K Barrett (29).png

I'm a girl who fell in love with Jesus and the church at an early age but didn't actually become a Christian till I was 30 years old!


I thought I had been 'missed over' by God. That He had picked everyone else but me.

When I received Jesus into my heart, everything inside got quiet and I experienced peace for the first time.

It was like a tv in the background had been turned off and kicked out the window. Yep that's what He did for me!

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