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GIVE to Let's Talk Kingdom Radio

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Impact the airwaves

Only 6% of Christians have a Kingdom worldview. Let's Talk Kingdom Radio is here to increase that percentage.

LTKradio airs in a population of 20 million people in 10 cities.

Let's impact those people's ears together!

% of your donation goes to helping the poor.



LTKradio gives to the poor within the land they've been given. 

We do this by giving money for gas or groceries! 

It became clear!


The Dream Funnel is our giving portal to impact people

with immediate need.

2022: $3400 was given to the Dream Funnel

2023: doubling that number!

% of your donation goes to helping the poor.

Dream Funnel

This is our giving portal! It's how people receive small amounts of money for groceries and gas.

They come into a private group so individual requests are made. Then LTKradio or an investor will give toward their weekly request.

When all you're thinking about is how to pay for dinner or how you're going to get to work... $50 gift is a dream come true.

We love being the ones that give in this way! Thousands of dollars have already been given to boost people right where they're at and get them to the grocery store or to the gas station. 

Small amounts are creating big impact and reviving dreams... growing new hope right where it's needed.


Recipients receive and experience a tangible God that sees them and reminds them they are not alone in their need.

What a gift!

Let's Talk Kingdom Radio is 501c3 registered as a public charity.
All gifts are tax deductible.

Please contact us with questions if you are a business wanting your gift to be a tax deduction.

“Alivia you have so much passion. I feel your heart burning for Jesus. It is contagious! Others will feel it and be set on fire too. Well done on your teaching. You are a natural presenter and speaker."

Sharon Miron

2022 Financials:
$18,500 radio bills
$2000 magazine covers
$1000 editing programs
$1100 website, podcasts apps
$3460 gifted to Dream Funnel
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